Much more to come

I realise now that I've got to finish more of the story before this is going to generate any level of engagement. I've just got all these thoughts in my head. Some are rightful thinking, and some are just extra voices urging me to become impatient and pull the trigger without asking.


In our pressurized society, people who are out of shape mentally usually fall victim to ideas and systems that are destructive to the human spirait and to human relationships. They are victimized because they have not taught themselves how to think; nor have they set themselves to the life-long pursuit of the growth of the mind. Not having the facility of a strong mind, they grow dependent upon the thoughts and opinions of others. Rather than deal with ideas and issues, they reduce themselves to lives full of rules, regulations, and programs.
by Larry Crabb in "Inside Out"

If We Could Only Starts Rolling

Tick, tick, tick. Can you hear it? It's the sound of time clicking by, I've been listening to it for far too long. And I can't wait any longer to begin this experiment. You know how it is? Even if you've no idea how something is going to turn out, if you never share it, it is certain what will happen. Nothing.

And I'm tired of nothing. I want something to happen. I'm gonna make something happen, even if it kills me. Reputationally, speaking, of course. So here comes something, or as Ray Bradbury put so well "Something Wicked This Way Comes."

Let's get this party started

Against my better judgment, I'm announcing the development of my first transmedia project entitled "If We Could Only." More aptly put, it's probably better considered fan fiction, just in the form of a transmedia narrative.

I'm doing this to:
  1. Better understand what transmedia is, because I'm a firm believer that one learns best by doing.
  2. Establish myself as one of the new transmedia visionaries that is capable of deconstructing a story and infusing it with a deep mythology.
  3. Experiment with new mediums to tell a compelling and engaging story.
  4. Gain further experience on transmedia for my book Guagua P├║blica.
This is just a teaser, but it is not a game. Stay tuned for new developments, and the introduction of the many pieces and characters involved. This experience is being brought to you by Mis Tribus.